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Material Sputtering

A vacuum and high voltage project! Sputtering is a process to deposit materials on to other materials (for example to make laser mirrors).

Old projects! DIY CNC milling machine

Some years ago i made my own cnc milling machine. Here are some pictures and the Cad files!

Old projects! Tesla coils and stuff

High voltage projects where something i enjoyed a lot! I made multiple tesla coils and still have to finish my big one.

Painting my longboard

Random visit: Ghosttown Doel near Antwerp

While having a friend from Germany over to visit we decided to visit the ghosttown Doel in Belgium in the middle of the night.

Pocketwatch present

This was a standard Waltham pocketwatch that i modified and made a box for.

Video of a pocketwatch that i modified and made a box for

A fresh start!

This marks the start of my new blog. Hope it will last and does not get as messy as the previous one :)