My night vision tube P8079HP

28-06-13 / 12:04 Cat: elektronics

More info will follow...

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Finally some trinitite

11-10-12 / 13:00 Cat: other

I have always wanted a piece/ sample of trinitite. Just becouse it is getting hard to get and becouse of what it is. I finally managed to order some from . It arrived quicker then i expected. Also sorry for the rubbish picture quality, i was to laz...

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LT 28d gets a new paintjob

09-08-12 / 20:49 Cat: cars

We decided that we should spend some time and money fixing our 28 year old WV LT 28d. So far it got a brand new suspension, new brakes, a new gearbox and some more stuff. And this weekend i decided that i should also do something about the horrible paintjob of the previ...

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